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Kixx Engine Clean

Kixx Engine Clean


Kixx Engine Clean, highly effective engine flushing oil is intended for clearing the buttered system of carbonaceous and varnish adjournment of gasoline and diesel engines of all types and also mechanical transmissions and allowing transition to oils with higher operational properties. It is recommended for use at transition from mineral oils to semi synthetic and synthetic oils.

  • • Restores mobility of piston rings.
    • Prevents blocking of hydrojacks and eliminates their knock.
    • In the course of washing oil channels, other knots of the engine are cleared of harmful adjournment formed while in service.
    • Application is recommended at each replacement of oil.

  • • Drain old engine oil from system, having to have the used buttered filter in place.
    • Then fill oil system with engine flush oil (no less than 75 % from necessary volume of oil in the engine).
    • Start the engine and allow it to work idly in a current for 20 minutes.
    • Then drain engine flush oil from system, change the oil filter and fill in with new engine oil.