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Kixx HD CH-4 15W-40

Kixx HD CH-4 15W-40


Kixx HD CH-4 is a premium performance, multigrade, heavy-duty diesel engine oil specifically designed to lubricate a wide range of diesel and gasoline engines requiring API CH-4, SJ, ACEA E7 performance lubricants operating under the most severe service conditions.

  • • Mixed fleets of European, North American diesel engines (high speed, four-stroke, turbocharged or naturally aspirated)
    • Mixed fleets of both diesel and gasoline engines
    • Mixed fleets including both old and new equipment
    • Commercial road transport, including the latest electronic controlled engines.
    • It meets the major diesel engine manufacturers requirements
    • Stop-and-go vehicles in high soot loading service such as buses and waste collection trucks
    • Off-highway vehicles and plant