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Kixx Ultra 4T SN JASO MA2 10W-40

Kixx Ultra 4T SN JASO MA2 10W-40


Kixx Ultra 4T SN is a premium performance, shear-stable, multi- grade gasoline engine oil specifically designed for use in four-stroke motorcycles and portable power equipment requiring API SN JASO MA / MA2 lubricants, including high output engines operating in severe service.

  • • Air and liquid-cooled four-stroke motorcycle engines
    • Particularly suitable for Japanese high performance motorcycle engines
    • Motorcycles with and without oil immersed clutches
    • Motorcycles with combined engine/transmission units or separate gear boxes where a multi-grade engine oil is specified
    • Motorcycles with back torque limiters
    • Motorcycles with exhaust catalytic converters
    • Latest generation, four-stroke scooter engines
    • Four-stroke gasoline engines fitted to portable power equipment, such as generators, mowers, etc.

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